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An EasyLiving Home offers features that make a home easy to inhabit and visit for all the reasons of life: first-time home-buyers, young families, career professionals, active adults and those living with temporary or long-term disabilities.
Life Enhancing Easy Living Features

1. Easy Access . . . The step-free entrance with a threshold of not more than one-half inch from a driveway, sidewalk or other firm route into the main floor. A step-free entrance makes it easy and safe to bring in a baby carriage, move in heavy furniture or invite a friend with a mobility impairment.

2. Easy Passage . . . a minimum of 32 inches of clear passage space for EVERY interior passage door on the main floor (including bathrooms) and the exterior door that provides the step-free entrance. Wider doors make life easier for movers as they move in furniture, for parents struggling with toddlers or groceries, for large football players who need extra room to comfortably move through the house, and for those using walkers or wheelchairs.

3. Easy Use . . . no less than one bedroom, a kitchen, some entertainment area and at least one full bathroom with designated maneuvering space . . . all on the main floor. The sale and resale value of a home is enhanced when it contains EasyLiving Home features.