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Swanson Construction.  Custom and quality built homes in the Murfreesboro area to fit your needs and desires.

Swanson's Murfreesboro Custom Home Builder team Building a home is one of the most exciting and stressful times in a families life.  At Swanson we remove the stress by building quality homes with modern features and quality construction.  Here is what to expect during  the home building process:

1. Builders Meeting
Once you have decided on a floor plan, the builder, realtor, and you will sit down to discuss the building of your home.  Most of our plans can be modified to meet specific individual needs.

2. Drafting
Our drafter will prepare any approved changes according to the contract and the home buyers desires. All upgrades or modifications should be discussed before finalizing the contract.  Once the plan is complete it should be reviewed to insure all requests are to your satisfaction.

3. Selections Meeting
Prior to framing the house you are asked to select interior items including cabinetry, interior doors, hardware color and style.  You will also need to select exterior features like brick or siding color and style.

4. Foundation Inspection
Builder must pass a foundation inspection by the city codes department before continuing the building process.

Swanson Quality Construction in Murfreesboro5. Framing Inspection
Builder must pass a framing inspection by the city codes before continuing the building process. During this inspection, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC rough-in must pass as well.

6. Final Inspection
Builder must pass the final building inspection by the city codes to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy issued by the city. The final electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems must pass as well.

Swanson Quality Construction in Murfreesboro7. Customer Orientation
On completion of your new home we will take you on a room by room tour of all the features and operation procedures for all aspects of your new home. During this orientation, we will also document any construction discrepancies and repair or replace prior to the closing of your new home.

8. Closing
The builder or representative will be at the closing to answer any questions you may have.


Let us know how we can help build your quality home.